Denbigh Carnival Website and Facebook Page


Denbigh Carnival

It’s been a very busy weekend preparing the Denbigh Carnival website to promote our new Christmas Extravaganza.

Welcome to the new website which will grow over the next few months.  For those of you expecting a summer theme for the new website do not panic.  Our new site will be changing it’s theme regularly to match the seasons and important holidays so check back regular to look how the site looks.  Our initial look and feel for our Christmas Extravaganza taking place on the 13 December 2014 has taken it’s inspiration from Disney’s Frozen which is being shown as part of the attractions.

The site will be updated shortly to be mostly bilingual to keep our Welsh speaking fans happy and will also contain information about our sponsors who are essential in allowing us to make most of our attractions available for free.  So please bookmark the website and stop by regularly and also like our Facebook page which will also be updated regularly to give you news and announcements about our events.

Thanks for stopping by.

The team at Denbigh Carnival.